Digital Strategy + Execution

Stop comparing yourselves to Alibaba, Amazon or Facebook

Each context, history, brand, market is different. Something that changed the way China buys will probably not work in Brazil. And organizations underestimate the time, effort and investment it takes to achieve the level of success these juggernauts have. Focus on business fundamentals and execution and create your own path

Just do it

Too many companies wait too long to launch a new idea, hire people or test products. Overthinking, waiting for perfect moment, perfect team….is the ideal way to let your competition get ahead. Start small, test, analyze and then scale

It’s all about people

Sounds cliche, but it’s the people that drive your success. Not the technology. Not only you need a good team, you need the right people in the right roles. Like a football team. Time and time again organizations focus on buying new tech and products thinking you just switch them on and magic will happen. It simply doesn’t work like that